Next month I will be 48 years old. I spent the better part of those years trying to get 'fixed'. Even after becoming a Christian, nothing really changed inside. I was broken. Shattered. Splintered. I had almost given up on believing that healing could happen for me. I spent hours in prayer asking for God's help not to commit suicide.

What Freedom Thru Jesus offered me was a place where I could be loved and accepted. Freedom Thru Jesus is a healing place, a place where the Father can heal, cleanse, deliver, renew and refresh. I experienced the love of God the Father and God the Savior through a man who loved me through the valley of the shadow of death, into life, a place I had never known.
- L.W.

I had migraines for most of my life. Doctor visits yielded some guesses about my problem, nebulous words of no particular value to me. Headaches would come continually, about two or three times a month, and make me sick enough to be in bed for two or three days and very weak afterwards.

In 1985 my family and I moved to Pennsylvania. There I was able to meet Pastor Ralph Gilbert of Freedom Thru Jesus Fellowship. I began to seek this ministry for help with the migraines. Through Ralph's ministry I was delivered from a lot of bitterness and was completely healed of all evidence of migraines. I have been free of headaches for more than 11 years now, and the absence of the illness and fear of them has convinced me of the profound importance of a ministry of this sort.
- J.L.

For 21 years I made my way through life hoping to find some peace in my existence. It wasn't until I met Mr. Gilbert did I come to realize the mental, spiritual and emotional bondage I had been in since my youth. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, Mr. Gilbert led me out of a life headed for destruction. A man in the hands of God, led, divinely by the Holy Spirit, to bring the wounded survivors of life's harsh ways back to a firm footing and a renewed chance at life. - J.H.

Our family has been delivered from a powerful invisible stronghold that existed for several generations. We are experiencing healing through the power of the Holy Spirit of God Almighty as taught by Freedom Thru Jesus Ministries. - M.H.

Early life was very active until about when I was twelve years old. I became exhausted a lot. One day one side of my face went numb; a neurologist discovered I had multiple sclerosis. I struggled for years. Bill, Ralph and I prayed prayers to renounce my family background and associated curses. The end result, and now I am healthy and active working with my husband in the house renovation business. I have peace and joy. - D.K.

In 1994 I was in a mentally abusive relationship with a man, he was Dr. Jeckyl and Mr Hyde. I started going to FTJF in Jan 2011 and cannot believe the work that has been done. The veil is lifted and I owe it all to Pastor Ralph, Lisa and of course God!!! My pain was deep and I put a wall up, always concerned more about others than myself. A deep depression came last year, I have always believed in God. I firmly believe that Pastor Ralph, Lisa and the people he trains to carry on his work is due to his gift from God and purpose in his life. - M.N.

Freedom Thru Jesus Fellowship has provided us the opportunity to grow in our walk with God, to rejoice in His gifts and His provision for us. Without the generosity of others in prayer, sponsorship and financial aide we would not be able to continue to receive this help. I am truly blessed as I see the magnificent changes in my world as a result of the ministry of Freedom Thru Jesus Fellowship. - T.T.

From childhood I have always carried unusual memories. I knew whatever happened had caused me horrible pain, but there were no adjoining memories. One quickly starts believing they are CRAZY! My life was a mess; somehow, I ended up at Freedom Thru Jesus. The memories are still horrific; however, Jesus and the Holy Spirit help me face them. I finally feel there is hope for the future, and hopefully someday I will be able to help others the way I am being helped. - W. E.

One lady, who was having a hard time hearing and connecting to God, received prayer and within a few weeks was open to experience God and did have a powerful personal experience with her loving heavenly Father.

My bondage of fear had me 'trapped' in many areas of my life. I have greatly benefited from this ministry (Freedom Thru Jesus Fellowship). - S. L.

My experience with the Ministry Counselors at F.T. J. F. was the beginning of a new abundant and free life in Christ Jesus. What I've experienced for myself can never be taken away and I will not give it up - The Way, The Truth and The Life that I've come to know and experience. I now know who I am, who my maker is, what He thinks of me and I will never again go back to lies and bondage. - T. J.

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