Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you have to go back to the event that caused you the pain and relive it?

Many people wonder why we shouldn't just be able to forgive and go on. It would be wonderful if it was just that simple, but most of the time, it's not. Many times what surfaces in a person's life is just the tip of the iceberg. Often it is what the person believed when the event happened.

How long does it take to get healing/freedom?

Depending on the age and the intensity of the event, which may have been traumatic. Our bodies have a desire to make peace by forgetting the details of the hurtful event, and if severe enough,the mind will take it out of our awareness. The effects, however, will show up some way in a dysfunctional life which causes a problem with hearing and being close to God. Once the issues are resolved, peace returns, life has meaning and our relationship with God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit become personal and daily!

If the past wounding event was not a problem, then I wonder why it is still causing the person so much difficulty in their present life?

WE DO NOT DIG UP MEMORIES! When we pray with people, what comes to the surface is up to them and the work of the Holy Spirit. We just help them resolve and deal with what the Holy Spirit or Jesus shows them.

One of the reasons people cannot just go on and forget about the past is because the past is still present with them in some way. There can be many possible reasons for this. If it is a traumatic memory, it will most likely cause problems for the adult in their present life because the memory contains lies, pain and erroneous beliefs that hinder or limit the person in the present. Many traumatic memories are often, in essence, "buried alive." The traumatic issue is seeking to be resolved and sends out signals hoping to be resolved. God wants it to be resolved!

In the healing process, one does not have to find and resolve every past hurt or abuse -- God is merciful and not all the past memories have to be processed. Only the ones that are triggering the person today are the ones that Jesus and the Holy Spirit reveals. With the help of the Holy Spirit, a person can remove the troubling issue and receive healing; however, it is usually not a quick fix. Healing takes time and a person has to put in place new and functional beliefs and coping mechanisms while eliminating the old dysfunctional ways of coping.

The memory may also have issues connected with it, such as unforgiveness, oaths, curses, false covenants, erroneous lies, beliefs and spiritual issues that will have to be worked through for the person to be free and have peace and joy. Sometimes, a person is in such an unstable condition that it would be detrimental to their health and peace of mind to work on a traumatic event. With God's help, some people have to prepare to face whatever happened to them. Consideration must be given to where they and their belief system are and help them come to reason with their problems. A person may need to forgive and go through specific prayers to gain the peace they desire.

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