Hope and Healing

The Pain of Abuse

We have witnessed that the pain of childhood and early life abuse lasts long after the victim becomes an adult because at a young age there is no ability to understand why this was happening to them. The pain can even last into their senior years. Sometimes, the memories of those painful and traumatic events are repressed or dissociated out of conscious awareness together with the lies and perceptions believed about the event.
The impact of this trauma and abuse will have a tendency to surface in some way later in life, often around the ages of 25 to 35 years of age. The impact of the trauma seems to surface in the present time like a cloud of calamity from out of no where. Often we have found that this type of troubled past surfaces as a sense of fear about certain places, activities or people coupled with anger; hyper-vigilance; nightmares; anxiety; depression; eating disorders; and many other dysfunctional behaviors.
During and after the abuse, demonic spirits often find an entrance and may have found a way to torment the person. The demonic dark spiritual component that can develop and cause many physical and emotional problems, especially if the abuse was at the hand of a trusted parent, family member or friend.

The wounding by trauma and abuse leave deep emotional scars that has to be healed in order for a person to function with freedom and peace of mind. Often the person does not have a clue as to the source of the internal torment. Sometimes there are haunting voices criticizing and condemning the abuse survivor. The survivor will often be attracted to people or situations similar to their past traumatic experiences, however be completely unaware of this behavior, even though it causes them pain. Often the person does not have a memory or any understanding of why they are being tormented.

Recovering From the Pain of Abuse

Healing is a process, not a one time event. People that have been abused have been sinned against and may come to believe lies about themselves and God. Survivors often have had trust damaged so badly that they have difficulty even trusting those who would help them recover. Victims of abuse may often react in ways that cause problems for themselves and those who encounter them. Rebuilding trust in a safe environment is critical to the healing process. This just adds to the survivor's stress. Often when a person accepts Jesus and the presence of the Holy Spirit they are able to begin to work through the healing process. The Holy Spirit is gentle and loving and knows everything that needs to be healed and was sent by God to guide people to the truth, which will set them free.
The healing process can be quite stressful at times. As a person becomes aware of the sources of problems and these sources are explored and understood from an emotional as well as spiritual perspective, they work toward healing. It has been our experience that healing usually consists of many small healings rather than one big healing event. Even when healed, most people will still have many dysfunctional behavioral and thinking patterns that have to be eliminated and replaced with new Godly ways of coping and relating. During the healing process, a person will identify dysfunctional coping strategies and beliefs while learning to put into practice new ways of relating and functioning in line with the Word of God. This process is called renewing the mind. This will take time. However with the Holy Spirit's guidance and a lot of hard work, be assured that a person can get to the source of their problems, eliminate bondages and spiritual torment, and receive healing.

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