Freedom Thru Jesus Fellowship (FTJF) offers books, CDs and tapes by Rev. Ralph Gilbert, as well as carefully chosen resources of other ministries that have been reviewed by qualified persons from the fields of counseling, healing and care-giving Christian ministry.

Hidden Secrets of the Kingdom of Darkness - How to Go From Destruction and Chaos to Blessings and Prosperity

Have you been plagued with any of these problems? Would you like to know the source and understand the mystery behind these distressing conditions? Would you like to learn how to eliminate these destructive forces from your life? Hidden Secrets of the Kingdom of Darkness is a practical, how-to-book. It contains case histories of ordinary people who have eliminated these issues by understanding and dealing with the source of the problem.

If you want revelation to change you and truths to empower you then this is a book you must read. Every Pastor, Youth Pastor and parent needs the information contained in this book at their disposal.
Dr. & Evangelist Gary Wood, Author of A Place Called Heaven.

Paper Back - 303 pages $23.50 (Shipping Included)

Kindle Edition - $9.98

Understanding the Influence of the Heart

In this 3-part series, Ralph reveals the hidden mysteries of the heart. Discover how, what you believe in your heart can impact your life, positively or negatively, whether you know it or not. Learn how to overcome destructive beliefs and tendencies and find peace and blessings.

3 CD Set - Currently not available

The Promise of Comfort

God has provided a way for His children to know him intimately, a way to hear Him and be directed by Him, a way to have comfort in troubled times. In this teaching, Ralph will help you learn how to make the connection.

1 CD - Currently not available

Hindrances to Receiving Healing

Ralph reveals many of the reasons why healing and deliverance is often delayed or hindered and how to get around those blocks.

1 CD - Currently not available

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