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Freedom Thru Jesus Fellowship (FTJF) started over 30 years ago in Ralph and Gloria Gilbert's home with a Friday night fellowship. People came from a three-state area for ministry. Many received healing and discovered first-hand what the Bible says about healing and deliverance is true. People found that the power of Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit is active and working powerfully today, just as it was in the time Jesus walked on this earth. Many are witnessing that the works in the Book of Acts are still happening today. These Friday night meetings and personal ministry birthed pastors and many prayer-healing ministers.

During this time hundreds have received help for early life abuse, sexual abuse, addictions, depression, anxiety, demonic torment, and spiritual confusion, to name just a few of the problems troubling people that came for ministry. They received healing and experienced the awesome power and connection with love and grace of God in a very personal way. There have been many testimonies of changed and redeemed lives, miracles, healings, and marriages saved. As a result, many of these people answered a call to ministry and service to God, locally and around the world, attesting to the anointing on this ministry. The ministry has the spiritual oversight of a global ministry and a dedicated Board of Directors.

Freedom Thru Jesus Fellowship is a Holy Spirit guided and empowered ministry using Biblical principles in ministry, healing and spiritual battles. We minister to victims of childhood and early life trauma, neglect and abuse, Post-Traumatic Stress, Dissociative and many other disorders.

This ministry follows the biblical dictates to bear one another's burdens, disciple those in need of guidance, comfort and heal the wounded hearts and set free those who are spiritually bound or oppressed. The essential components of this ministry are prayer, the work and direction of the Holy Spirit, healing, deliverance and spiritual direction. The whole person is taken into consideration - body, soul and spirit. Spiritual healing is as important as emotional and physical healing.

The training our staff has received is used with God's anointing to help people become free to live fruitful, godly lives. Ministry is based on prayer and functions through the presence and power of the Lord Jesus Christ and the anointing, gifts and leading of the Holy Spirit. We make every effort to demonstrate the same kind of unconditional love, care and understanding that Jesus Christ demonstrated.


Rev. Ralph Gilbert and his wife, Gloria, work together closely with others who have been trained in prayer-healing ministry. Rev. Ralph Gilbert is a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The members of the ministry staff have received training and are under the supervision of Rev. Gilbert; however they are not licensed counselors, but serve as prayer-healing ministers.

To hear a message from Ralph and Gloria, click their photo.

Ralph and Gloria Gilbert
Founders & Directors

Lisa Fizer has been ministering to wounded people for over 12 years. She is Ralph and Gloria's partner in ministry. Lisa is very capable working with early life wounds, trauma, PTSD, dissociation, and spiritual warfare. Lisa has slots open to take on several new people.

Bill Fizer has been ministering to wounded people for over 12 years part-time and has recently become a member of the Board of Directors. Bill has slots open to take on several new people.

Bill and Lisa Fizer
Prayer-Healing Ministers

Give us a call at 717-235-5349 for an appointment or email appts@freedomthrujesus.org.

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Donations This ministry provides ministry for many individuals, some of which are unable to pay the minimal fee for services provided due to various extreme life stressors. If you would like to bless the outreach of this ministry, we encourage you to make a one time gift or a monthly pledge.